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At Gordís Furniture we do things a little differently. Most stores advertise their specials on a regular basis and at great cost to them. These costs have to be made up somewhere and itís usually with you. So rather then you worrying about finding a sale when you are ready to buy, and us worrying about how to pay for it, we simply run prices that meet or beat our competitors sale prices everyday. We can afford to that if we donít advertise it in the traditional sense, and you donít have to wait for ďa sale.Ē

Having said all that, we do offer many regular in store promotions that we usually post on our FB page, Gordís Furniture/Team Treasures and local Listowel swap sites. These deal are always attractive as they are free to advertise, and again, these are extra savings we can pass along to you. So watch for those! Weíre small town in our thinking which means, do what you can for the customer at point of purchase, and do the same after purchase, should it ever be required. No deceiving games, and no cheesy gimmicks, thatís how we work.

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